ARABIC CASH: DeFi to attract investment in the Emirates

Arabic Cash
5 min readApr 26, 2021


Despite the fact that Arab oil is running out, the entire region continues to grow rapidly. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has created a new economic oasis in the middle of the desert and already the state is ready to challenge Silicon Valley. The Arab crypto industry is growing faster than local skyscrapers. One of the most high-profile Crypto Valley projects is Arabic Cash.

WEB 3.0 Economy

In 2018, when the amount of investment in Arab fintech projects exceeded an incredible $320 million, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid decided to completely digitize the Arab Emirates. He announced the launch of the “2021 Blockchain Strategy,” which aims to make the UAE a global leader in digitalization. The sheikh claims it will save the government up to $3 billion the country spends on paperwork this year alone.

“The implementation of this technology will affect the quality of life in the UAE and increase the happiness of citizens. 50% of government transactions at the federal level will be conducted using blockchain technology by 2021. This will save time, effort, resources and allow people to conduct most of their transactions in a timely manner, according to lifestyle and work.”


In support of the government’s Blockchain Strategy 2021, a combined group of Arab developers announced the Largest Arab Investment Strategy in March of this year. The brand new decentralized financial instrument should make it easier to attract global investment to the planet’s fastest-growing region. We did not have to wait long — at the end of March the Arab project of the new economy 3.0 appeared to the world under the name Arabic Cash (ABIC).

Even before the release of the crypto-project Arabic Cash attracted the attention of major real estate investment funds in the Arab Emirates. A week after the launch, the project raised 50% of the planned funds for the First Private Sale Round. And from the looks of it, it’s not even the beginning yet, as the project promises several high-profile announcements in the near future, which will clearly attract most e-commerce investors.

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What is ARABIC CASH and what solutions does the project offer?

According to insiders, it is the world’s first decentralized financial project, which works on the principle of loans and deposits, backed by Arab investments. It aims to attract new investments in the development of the digital economy of the Arab Emirates. This means that now everyone who wanted but could not invest their money in Arab projects can now do so in minutes from their personal computer or smartphone.

Until now, the problem had been the difficult monitoring of traditional finance by the UAE. Investors faced many obstacles, from obtaining visas, to complicated account verification procedures where they had to account for every cent. In 2018, the Emirati government began implementing reforms to support digital investing. And Arabic Cash is a direct confirmation of these reforms.

How to invest in Arabic and get profit?

(The Second Round of Private Sale starts on 01.05.2021)

To invest in Arabic Cash, all you need to do is buy an ABIC token. So far, the project is at the presale stage. According to the same insiders, the entry of Arabic Cash on the first trading floors is planned for June this year. In the meantime, ABIC can be purchased at the official Arabic Cash channel. Also, the project has launched an official bot that helps investors set up their wallets correctly and automatically purchase ABIC tokens.

What are the prospects of the Arabic Cash project?

Based on the experience of similar DeFi projects in terms of technology, the exit to the first cryptocurrency exchange can talk about a sharp increase in the price of ABIC token. The most striking example is demonstrated by DeFi-project Pancake, which is still unsupported by anything other than DeFi technology. After going public, the value of the CAKE coin went from $0.0002 to $1.11 — an incredible 5,000% increase. For a project that focuses on an Arab investment strategy, these numbers might seem like the first floor of the Burj Khalifa. On top of that, Arabic Cash plans to list the ABIC token on one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Binance, by the end of 2021.

In addition to organic growth, investors can expect a guaranteed 35.6% p.a. for stacking, that is, for keeping the token in their account. These crypto dividends are available due to the features of DeFi’s demand-independent technology, which rewards investors for adding and keeping a pool of liquidity.

In addition, investors can have peace of mind about the safety of their funds, because Arabic Cash is created in the Solidity language of the BEP20 protocol on the Binance blockchain. This means maximum protection against hacking, as well as minimal transfer fees.

Arabic Cash Tokenomics:

Token type: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
Token symbol: ABIC
Token name: Arabic Cash
Contract: 0x4823a096382f4fa583b55d563afb9f9a58c72fc0
Total Volume: 170,000,000
ABIC for Private Sale: 4,400,000
Team tokens: 1,600,000


Arabic Cash offers a practical opportunity to invest in the digital economy of the Arab Emirates to everyone on the planet. Financial experts predict a sharp rise in the price of ABIC already at the stage of Public Trading, which will start with the completion of the Third Round of Private Sale — 01.06.2021. Arabic Cash will peak this year when it enters one of the largest crypto-exchanges in the world — Binance.

You can get more information on the official Arabic Cash Telegram channel or on Twitter.