Why is the new DeFi project Arabic Cash able to attract the attention of the entire community?

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Ethereum’s current gas fees have been exorbitant to say the least and the barrier to entry for participating in on-chain activities is only getting higher and higher. Enter Binance Smart Chain. By leveraging BSC, we will be able to increase the speed of transactions while massively reducing the fees at the same time.

  • The Arabic Cash developer team will only receive less than 1% of all ABIC farmed (i.e. the Arabic team gets 1 ABIC token for every 100 ABIC farmed).
  • Maximum rewards for ABIC stakers. The ABIC-BNB pool will earn 10x rewards compared to other pools.
  • The first Binance Smart Chain AMM to offer alt-coin liquidity pools (LPs) such as LINK, DOT, etc.
  • One of the very first to utilize Binance Smart Chain for an AMM DEX.
  • We’re taking full advantage of the Binance community by providing arbitrage opportunities amongst BEP2 and BEP20 tokens that are hosted on Binance.com or on the Binance DEX.

How does Arabic Cash work?

Arabic Cash is the next iteration of the now infamous Uniswap. It’s like Uniswap, but faster, cheaper and dare we say it… tastier? In addition to all of the above, liquidity providers will also be rewarded with ABIC tokens from which they can earn a share of ABIC’s trading fees and use for voting as part of ABIC’s governance.

  1. With ABIC rewards.
  2. Without ABIC rewards.
  • BEP20 ABIC-BNB, 10x ABICrewards
  • BEP20 BUSD-BNB, 3x ABIC rewards
  • BEP20 ETH-BNB, 1x ABIC rewards
  • BEP20 BTC-BNB, 1x ABIC rewards
  • BEP20 DOT-BNB, 1x ABIC rewards
  • BEP20 LINK-BNB, 1x ABIC rewards

How will ABIC release and distribute?

ABIC tokens will be gradually released to liquidity pools according to their respective reward multiplier (e.g. 1x , 3x , etc).

  • First 30,000 BSC blocks (approx 1 day) — 400 ABIC per block
  • 30,001–900,000 BSC blocks (approx 29 days) — 300,000 ABIC reduced day by day, 255 ABIC per block on average
  • 900,0001 BSC blocks until full supply released (approx 11 months) — 300,000 ABIC reduced month by month, 73 ABIC per block on average



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