DeFi Arabic Cash has launched public trading on PancakeSwap and preparing to create the first DeFi CryptoBank

Exchange ABIC Token on PancakeSwap

Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is moving closer to opening licensed cryptocurrency exchanges, a step that could boost financial inclusion for the millions of expatriates who make up most of the region’s workforce.

Government data show that out of the UAE’s population of more than 9 million, nearly 80% are expats. Last year, the region sent $43 billion in remittances, making it the world’s second-highest sender after the United States, according to the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration…

On the technical side:

The DeFi project Arabic Cash is based on the most advanced crypto technology of 2021 — Binance Smart Chain of the BEP20 protocol in the Solidity programming language. This provides the ABIC token with the most reliable protection, the highest transaction speed and the lowest fees for it. This allows investors to be calm about their assets in any quantity, and also promises them a guaranteed profit of 35.6% per annum for keeping tokens in the liquidity pool.

In terms of concept:

Arabic Cash aims to develop e-commerce for the entire Arab World, which is the…

Despite the fact that Arab oil is running out, the entire region continues to grow rapidly. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has created a new economic oasis in the middle of the desert and already the state is ready to challenge Silicon Valley. The Arab crypto industry is growing faster than local skyscrapers. One of the most high-profile Crypto Valley projects is Arabic Cash.

WEB 3.0 Economy

In 2018, when the amount of investment in Arab fintech projects exceeded an incredible $320 million, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid decided to completely digitize the Arab Emirates. He announced the launch of the…

Arabic Cash

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